ITALIAN DEBT CRISIS SPREADS TO U.S.: Your Investments Are In Grave Danger Including 401Ks...ETFs...And Mutual Funds. Here's Why... And How To Protect Yourself.


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First Greece... now Italy.

The European debt crisis is spreading, affecting markets around the world, including here in the U.S.

Your investments are in danger - and you need to protect yourself before it's too late.

Make no mistake: Understanding how to play these events can also bring you tremendous returns.

Global macro trading expert Jack Barnes and the staff of Money Morning, one of the nation's most respected financial news services, has compiled a full and extensive SPECIAL INVESTOR'S REPORT to show you exactly what's coming...

You'll understand what's happening and why - at every stage of the game... and in time to save your hide.

You'll also be able to flip these market reversals in your favor - and do it for gains you would never have imagined possible.

As you'll see, the crisis involves Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and other Eurozone countries. No less than the future of the euro - indeed of the European Union itself - is at risk.

Be one of the first to benefit from this urgent report...

Undoubtedly, Greece's troubles were the de facto urgent matter for the Eurozone. The 27 EU member states now fear that their bail-out plan may be too little, too late. A default by Greece could set off a financial contagion that will spread throughout the world.

We're already starting to see the debt crisis spread to Italy.

This could be the straw that breaks the EUs back...

Germany, the EU's most powerful member, is losing patience with its troubled EU partners...

And there's only so much the euro can take before individual countries either give up their sovereign rights in favor of a stronger Europe or dump the EU altogether.

Investors should be prepared. All investments are at risk... stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401ks... oil, gold, silver...high tech...ETFs...

You can be one of the first to see all the details of how situation will unfold... Learn to protect and profit from this latest crisis.

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