It is unconstitutional to ban marriage for illegal immigrants. The "Cover of Rights" had reported two years ago by launching a legal battle in all courts of the Republic

immigrato irregolare

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And 'of 25.7.2011 the news that the Constitutional Court Judgement No. 245/11, filed for the note, the 25.7.2011, declared unconstitutional Article 116 of the Civil Code (contrary to Articles 2, 3, 29 of the Constitution and the Articles 8 and 12 ECHR - European Convention on Human Rights of 'Man) in so far as prescribed, including the requirements for marriage for non-EU citizens, even the possession of a residence permit valid (thus, in effect, prohibiting marriage to illegal immigrants).

"We can only welcome this" - says John D'Agata, a component of the Department of National Theme "Consumer Protection" of Italy of Values ??and founder of the "Door of Rights" - "that the rule was introduced with the so-called" security package "in force since 2009, was highly discriminatory and unconstitutional in the odor. We - D'Agata continues - we had already reported the day after his entry into force, assigning attorney. Salvatore Centonze (renowned expert on national immigration law) is responsible for carrying out this battle of civilizations in all courts of the Republic, and we were even ready to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. It is a victory of all: human rights do not touch. "

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immigrato irregolare

immigrato irregolare

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