*SHOCKING* Live Execution of 13 Donkeys by Machine Gun

Syrian army goes insane. The donkeys are unarmed, and were not involved in any anti-regime protests. The Syrian army which remains loyal to the regime is considered by ordinary Syrians as Godless, among their other crimes is to loot Sunni religious Syrian's houses and write on the walls inside the rooms "there is no God except Assad, and no prophet except the Baath Party". The army has been built out of the ranks of Alawites, a branch of Shiites with political links to the hardline Iran regime and Hezbollah terrorists. The treatment of animals with no political views shows a sadistic flare to the soldiers, how else would they be capable of killing so many of their fellow citizens, brothers and sisters for desiring freedom? This video is from Hama.

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Data di fine pubblicazione: 30.11.-1