Live execution by beheading in Saudi Arabia

Execution of Indonesian woman Ruyati Binti Sapubi by a single stroke of the sword taking the head clean off (June 18 2011). She was charged with using a butcher's cleaver to hack her employer's head and a knife to stab her in the neck after months of "abuse", which culminated in her being refused leave to visit her home. The Indonesians carry out public executions by firing squad and withdrew their ambassador from Saudi Arabia and as of 1 August bans any more citizens from working as maids in that country. The US state of Georgia today filmed the execution by lethal injection of Andrew Grant DeYoung for kiling his family, it is the first US execution to be filmed since a 1992 filming of a gas chamber execution. US executions are among the most secretive in the world although many would like to watch. About 1.2m Asians work as maids in Saudi Arabia and suffer widely from abuse from their masters, of those about 70% are Indonesian. The Saudi government and courts have a very poor record upholding foreigner's rights.

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Data di fine pubblicazione: 30.11.-1