Extracting The Remains Of A Fisherman From A 2000 LB Crocodile In Sarawak, Malaysia

A man fishing is caught, swallowed and eaten alive by a giant 2000 pound man-eating saltwater crocodile in a river in Sarawak, Malaysia. The huge crocodile is captured, killed and cut open to pull the man out. (I found a disturbing still image captured while he was being attacked which is below the article *Click for large size*) Early in the morning a group of fishermen were using casting nets to catch fresh fish to sell the days market place when a giant 20 foot saltwater crocodile appeared out of no where and snatched one of the younger fisherman as witnesses saw the massive croc swallow the teenager's entire body and then disappear underneath the murky water. Everyone was yelling and screaming as other groups of fishermen rush over to help with larger nets. It wasn't the first time they've encountered these enormous saltwater crocs. Amazingly, they were able to capture the beast and drag it to shore where they quickly flipped it over and cut open it's stomach to attempt to rescue their fellow fisherman. A disturbing video was taken once they caught the crocodile and shows the man being removed from the crocodile's stomach. The young man's entire body was removed from the crocodile but it was too late. Even if the wounds were not fatal, the teen surely drowned while inside the monster's stomach. There have been a large increase in the number of crocodile related human deaths and attacks recently due in part to the hot weather, a decrease in food for the crocodiles and lower water levels. The river is a main resource for the villagers where they frequently bath and use it to make their living. Last July, the authorities launched a mass killing operation with the police, the army and local authorities to hunt down the man-eating crocodiles to reduce the reptile's population in the area. The target goal was 60 crocodiles over 9 feet in length. While the villagers fear the crocodiles some believe that killing them will only make these worse, increasing the number of crocodiles attacks on their people.

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