Burmese women brutally beaten by men. (Warning, this is very disturbing)

Okay, here's the brief translation of the story In the video, the guys were saying "You girls are Burmese, We also are the same. We all came here? to get better jobs to have better lives. They take away your virginity and dignity for some hand phones and gadgets which are only worth $200 to $300 and treat you to some fancy dinners. If you want money, why don't you get a proper job like other people? Continues... They traffic girls like you. You all are already in foreign country, if you want to do? that kind of thing for living, why don't you just do it in your own country?" Then the men asked the boy who seemed to be working together with the girls to call them up straight away if any of the girls were doing anything bad. They claimed to be beating the girls up for their own sake, while trying not to leave any apparent bruises or any blood at all..The girls themselves looked ashamed and they just kept quiet. The writer added, the men? had no other choice than beat them up like mothers beat their own kids, in such incidents as, they cannot make the girls listen to them only by talking anymore. The writer then said, he is not applauding the men for beating the girls, but on the other hand, they have no other reasons or any bad intentions by beating the girls apart from the fact that, they just wanted them to stop doing whatever they were doing. And apparently, all of the? girls weren't getting beaten up, and they even beg to differ when they were asked if they were partaking in such actions as of the other two girls did....

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